About me

Hello World! My name is Sandi. I'm an IT professional and technology enthusiast from Slovenia. Making my life easier with help of computer is something I'm really good at.

If I had a choice, I'd pick:
I can help you with system administration tasks like:
  • Network dimensioning and administration
  • Secure server setup, tuning, administration
  • Virtualization deployment
  • Implementation of cloud technologies
  • Data rescue and(or) destruction
  • Process automation
Other IT-related know-how:
  • Consultancy
  • Training
  • Web application development
  • Other software solutions

Contact me

Feel free to drop me a message!


Here is a short list of some most important tasks I acomplished:

  • Network infrastructure for a monastery
  • Network infrastructure for a hotel
  • Custom hosting environment for an IT company
  • System for secure data storage with OpenZFS
  • Controller for food dehydration (drying pumpkin seeds)
  • Controller for heating liquids (brewing beer)
  • Event tracking (remote data displayed on TV screen)

Bellow are download links for some of my own small applications. They are free to use.